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DeLand's 5 Star Hospital

If Florida Hospital, DeLand, was a hotel, it would have a 5 star rating. It's not the vacation place you'd choose, but, if you need it, it's the place you want to be. For a small, hometown hospital, it's first rate in my book, filled with many more stars than 5.

"Who are these people? ", I kept asking myself. Throughout my 5-day stay in the hospital's ICU, I interacted with dozens of them.

Where do they get their desire to help sick people? Is there a special DNA code they carry? That's a fair question, since hospitals have always made me nervous and feeling slightly creepy. Sure, I'd like to be a doctor, but I don't like to be around sick people. Cross that off the career list.

My story has a happy ending, a completely recovery. I survived that night, although the odds were against me. I give total credit to the folks at Florida Hospital DeLand and the 911 team out of Orange City. They are everyday stars.

My sisters had called 911 when they found me on the bathroom floor, barely breathing. After a quick check of vitals, I was loaded into their emergency van for the trip to the hospital. The EMT sat across from me, and for the most of the ride, I held on to him. His calmness helped balance my helplessness.

Into the emergency room they rolled me, where the actions of the nurses and doctor followed the stated procedure written on the board in the room. I remember- lab work, tests, and diagnosis. Those steps, even in my weakened state, gave a plan to the ER chaos. Okay, step 1, 2, 3. This observation makes sense to controllers like me who need to know.

The Er doc's name was Aloft, or something like that. She is outstanding, carrying loads of energy, wrapped in confidence and knowledge. A tall blonde, with a bouncy ponytail, I thought she was a sand volleyball player, but remember I was in distress and going into shock shutdown.

She stressed the seriousness of my condition. My question of having a private room was answered with all the rooms in ICU are private. Yikes, ICU. This is serious.

Dr. Bruce Bigman played the star role in my case. I knew I was going to be all right as so as I knew he was on my case. A smart man, highly regarded, every morning and most afternoons he directed my medical team. He has since retired, a huge loss to our community.

Great doctors, coupled with caring nurses and support teams, is what I'd say about Florida Hospital, Deland. These days, with all the controversy about health care, DeLand can boast about their medical stars. They saved my life. Thanks!

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