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Wear Lipstick - You never know who you'll meet

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I saw Joyce, standing by the high-top table sipping the punch. Tall Kara was deciding which of the many raffle prizes she should use her tickets on. There are Susie and Rosemary, wearing their fashionista shoes. Mary was walking in the front door. and Freda was waving to her.

I had bought the fashion show ticket as a donation for breast cancer, the woman killer from which no female is immune. Buying the ticket was an easy way to be part of the pink army, and I had no intention of going. Involved, with no energy expended; buy the ticket, don’t go.

Until I learned my friend Dawn, a breast cancer survivor, was to be one of the models for the fashion show. Dawn is an easy breezy woman, upbeat even though.

Caroline and Sara just came in. Lorna Jean's name was announced as a committee member on the planning group.

The fashion show, held at the new Sanborn Activity Center by Florida Hospital DeLand, and DeLand Kia, along with ten other sponsors, raised money for breast cancer awareness. Over 200 women attended, eating the free horsdoevres, hoping to win the raffle prizes and to cheer for the cancer survivors who modeled the clothes.

Dawn came down the runway looking, well, normal, enjoying the cheers. Seven other women modeled the clothes. OMG, there's Susan, in my daisy circle. How beautiful she is, one of those lucky women whose white hair looks chic.

Sitting in the audience, clapping for my friends, the closeness of small town DeLand was evident. We come together as friends to support causes that touch us. Taking an active part in this town means you'll see friends at every gathering. Small town DeLand has large friends.

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