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As the temperature drops into the 70's, it's Christmas time in DeLand. The Nutcrackers watch over the city, spreading the feeling of Christmas.

   I'm Bright

Having a name like Bright is fun. In restaurants, when they call your name, I get to say loudly,

"I'm Bright." I'm Kristin Bright. 

Kristin Bright describes herself as a writer, humorist and teacher. As an adjunct professor at Stetson, she cheered her students to become concise business communicators. She fed her love of writing with a byline in the Daytona News Journal; her weekly column, "On a Tankful" were articles about sightseeing in Volusia County. A fairly good golfer, Kristin's monthly column, "From the Red Tees", highlighted women's golf issues, appeared in the e-zine, Golfsliced. Currently, she is a communication consultant for Chris Mears Associates. She is also active in the Krewe of Amalee, a DeLand women's philanthropic organization.


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